How to Clean Mold from A/C Vents: 7 Ways to Maintain Healthy Air in Your Home

Ever notice black spots or grime on and around the vents for your air conditioning? How do you clean that? Wait, put down the scrub brush! By yanking open moldy vent covers and scrubbing on them inside your home, you could be spewing mold spores everywhere. What are you to do? Stop procrastinating! Contact Green […]

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Building Materials and Mold Contamination: a Word of Caution on Foam Insulation

In Texas and other Gulf Coast regions with hot climates, the importance of good quality insulation cannot be overstated. Insulation works hand in glove with a properly functioning HVAC system to keep a home cool. Just as we’ve previously cautioned that an improperly functioning and/or poorly installed HVAC system can lead to mold growth due […]

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Serious Mold Requires a Professional Remediation Team with Proper Equipment

When it comes to major mold problems, you need to go well beyond do-it-yourself attempts. You need a team of licensed professionals. That’s us at Green Star Eco Services. There is an old saying that experts live and breathe their work. Well, if you have mold, then you might be literally breathing in spores from […]

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Common Types of Mold Found in Houston and other regions of Texas

Ever noticed that some mold looks like black speckles and other mold looks like greenish water stains? It’s not that the mold is in a different stage of growth. The appearance of mold varies by species. Which do we see in homes and businesses when we come in to remediate? There is the notorious black […]

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How to Clean Your House Exterior: Call Us for Eco-friendly Restoration

Do you find yourself taking a power-washer to your house only to see mold and mildew quickly reappear on the siding, deck or other surfaces? You need something to actually kill the mold and prevent regrowth. Did you use bleach? There are a couple of key problems with bleach. First of all, it is not […]

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How Proper Mold Remediation Works & What to Expect

Do you smell something? If you detect a musty odor, a mold community is expanding in your home. Mold can take root anywhere there is organic matter, such as wood, and can manifest in new construction as well as old homes.