Green Star Q&A: Mold in Leaky Closets, Granite Countertops and HVAC

Green Star Eco Services’ Cabot Rank, a Texas licensed mold remediation contractor (MRC1437), recently presented at a Houston-area business networking breakfast sponsored by BNI Power Players. He fielded questions about where we find mold in homes and how we respond to it.   Q: We had a slight leak in Hurricane Harvey, and because our home is newer, we had the roofer, because it was their issue, come out and
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How to Clean Mold from A/C Vents: 7 Ways to Maintain Healthy Air in Your Home

Ever notice black spots or grime on and around the vents for your air conditioning? How do you clean that? Wait, put down the scrub brush! By yanking open moldy vent covers and scrubbing on them inside your home, you could be spewing mold spores everywhere. What are you to do? Stop procrastinating! Contact Green Star Eco Services. Our employees are licensed by the state of Texas for mold remediation.
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How HVAC Mistakes Can Lead to Mold Headaches

A seemingly perfectly maintained house can develop mold problems without immediate detection due to problems in an HVAC system. If the system was not properly installed or it is improperly operated, ripe conditions can create moisture in the HVAC that allows mold to lurk and grow. For this reason, Green Star Eco Services likes to accompany HVAC companies on seasonal tune-up jobs and other home visits to inspect for mold


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