Needville Flooding: Our Latest Water Dryout Restoration Projects

We all know that hurricanes can cause major flooding, but here in the Lone Star state, we also sadly see that a Texas thunderstorm can dump enough rain in a short period of time to cause flood damage in homes and businesses. On May 9, a set of heavy storms poured through the Houston region, leaving water-damaged houses in their wake in Fort Bend County as well as in the Kingwood
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Rapid Response: Time Is of the Essence with Water Damage Restoration

We always urge people to call us right away if they ever have a water leak in a home or business because it only takes 48 hours for mold to form in wet spaces, such as insulation, sheetrock and flooring. Green Star Eco Services owner Marc Patel was recently en route to a routine meeting when he got a call from a property owner about a leaking water heater in a
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Many Houston Neighborhoods Still Recovering from Harvey

It continues to be a long, hard slog for many Houston homeowners trying to emerge from the mess created by the unprecedented flooding from Hurricane Harvey. One factor that compounded the woes several months later was rushed restoration work at the outset. To be sure, some of the crews may have been well-intentioned, but they did not perform demolition and rebuilding work with mold abatement in mind. As a result,

Mold Will Flourish When a Flooded House is Rebuilt Too Soon

We often stress the importance of assuring a flooded house is properly sanitized and thoroughly dried out before rebuilding. Unfortunately, we are now seeing fresh examples, a few months after the Hurricane Harvey flooding, of houses with new mold growing because the rebuild was rushed.

What’s the Difference Between Remediation and Restoration?

After Hurricane Harvey, we got a lot of calls for people wanting us to remediate their homes. As it turned out, virtually all of these homes needed restoration, not remediation. What’s the difference, you ask? Technically speaking, remediation is mold treatment in a controlled environment. A flood recovery is anything but a controlled environment. The home’s envelope is open, walls all around the structure are torn out, workers

Sanitize and Dry Out Your Home Before Rebuilding After a Flood

This weekend, many homeowners will continue the process of cleaning up in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. If they have completed the demolition and removed all wet materials, they now are looking to assure the structure is sanitized and completely dried out before putting up new sheetrock.


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