How to Clean Your House Exterior: Call Us for Eco-friendly Restoration

Do you find yourself taking a power-washer to your house only to see mold and mildew quickly reappear on the siding, deck or other surfaces? You need something to actually kill the mold and prevent regrowth. Did you use bleach? There are a couple of key problems with bleach. First of all, it is not […]

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How Proper Mold Remediation Works & What to Expect

Do you smell something? If you detect a musty odor, a mold community is expanding in your home. Mold can take root anywhere there is organic matter, such as wood, and can manifest in new construction as well as old homes.

How HVAC Mistakes Can Lead to Mold Headaches

A seemingly perfectly maintained house can develop mold problems without immediate detection due to problems in an HVAC system. If the system was not properly installed or it is improperly operated, ripe conditions can create moisture in the HVAC that allows mold to lurk and grow.
For this reason, Green Star Eco Services likes to accompany HVAC companies on seasonal tune-up jobs and other home visits to inspect for mold in A/C ductwork, the plenum, supply boxes and other surrounding areas, such as ceilings and attics.

Many Houston Neighborhoods Still Recovering from Harvey

It continues to be a long, hard slog for many Houston homeowners trying to emerge from the mess created by the unprecedented flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

One factor that compounded the woes several months later was rushed restoration work at the outset. To be sure, some of the crews may have been well-intentioned, but they did not perform demolition and rebuilding work with mold abatement in mind. As a result, some Harvey-hit houses now need a professional-grade mold cleanup.

How Could a Newly Constructed Home Contain Mold?

Is it possible for a newly-built house to have mold? Yes, if any of the building materials were moldy, then a contamination was effectively built into the home. We have actually seen this scenario play out. We also know a homeowner who recognized mold on the framing of his house during construction and recently called […]

Mold Trifecta: Leaky Roof, Bathroom and A/C Ductwork

We often get calls for a classic mold remediation job caused by water damage in one area of a home and these can be caused by a single incident, such as a burst pipe or a broken water heater. And sometimes, a home contains mold from multiple water sources.
That was the case with a Houston-area home we remediated: it had a leaking roof causing damage in a front room as well as water escaping from a bathroom tub into a wall below, and finally, old ductwork dripping into a ceiling. In this situation, the homeowners called because they saw water stains on a ceiling (from the roof leak above, it turns out).