Serious Mold Requires a Professional Remediation Team with Proper Equipment

When it comes to major mold problems, you need to go well beyond do-it-yourself attempts. You need a team of licensed professionals. That’s us at Green Star Eco Services.

There is an old saying that experts live and breathe their work. Well, if you have mold, then you might be literally breathing in spores from Stachybotrys, Cladosporium, Aspergillus, Alternaria or Pencillium. People’s sensitivity to different species of molds can vary among individuals. It can impair anyone’s health, which is why we wear protective gear on our jobs and also contain a jobsite to keep the mold from spreading into our clients’ living and work spaces. The main objective of a mold remediation job is to restore air quality.

Air Purification Equipment

We own a variety of air scrubbers of different sizes and power. Our smaller ones are modular and are easily moved into a space. We also own larger air scrubbers, such as the kind that can filter a 12×12’ room 100 times per hour.

Additional key equipment includes industrial-strength dehumidifiers and axial fans, the latter of which are used for air movement as well as creating negative pressure. Air scrubbers can also be used to create negative air pressure.

Negative pressure helps contain an area being remediated and prevents sporulation, or the spreading of mold spores, into a structure, such as your house, where we are working to kill and remove mold.

Without proper mold containment and remediation, “those spores land places and, if the conditions are right, they start to grow. Not only do they land places and start to grow, but they get inside of our bodies. They get into our belongings, such as our clothes, our furniture, etc. They make a real mess,” said Marc Patel, owner of Green Star Eco Services.

Air Quality

If there is a lot of mold impacting certain materials, such as previously flooded cabinets, then we will remove the damaged goods. Other situations are not as pervasive. In fact, some remediation projects do not require tearing out of building materials. In these cases, the affected areas are sanitized with an antimicrobial solution. This process also involves special vacuums and spot cleaning of some spaces or items. Once thoroughly cleaned, our machines are put in place to clean the air and dry out the structure.

Specialized Cleaning Solution

The product we use is called Cal-Brite, which has two components: an enzyme and a peroxide activator. This cleaning combination can be double-activated for extra strength in problem areas or even diluted for sanitizing peripheral areas.

“It’s all-natural. It’s non-toxic and biodegradable,” Patel said. While wet, there is an odor, primarily from the peroxide, but once the area is dry, there is no lingering smell.

“It does a really good job. It kills the entire mold organism,” he added.

Cal-Brite kills the roots of the mold, unlike other cleaners that only kill mold stains on a surface, such as bleach. As we’ve previously cautioned, bleach breaks down into an organic matter that mold feeds on.

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